January 31, 2011

Bloomington Hospital – Start with the Patient’s Needs and End with Profits

Bloomington Hospital – Start with the Patient’s Needs and End with Profits

Leveraging a full suite of financial and clinical solutions from McKesson, Bloomington Hospital has transformed from a paper-based system with a multitude of disparate technologies into a truly integrated, patient-centric delivery model. The organization has significantly improved in important areas, including patient safety; coordination of care; and access to information across a continuum of hospitals, outpatient facilities and physician practices.

When selecting a partner to implement these sweeping changes, Bloomington’s physicians, staff and leaders chose McKesson for its far-reaching abilities. “We needed functionally rich products that would go wide and deep, and McKesson was the only company that could meet our comprehensive requirements,” Chief Information Officer Mark McMath recalls. “The company’s performance, strong and rapid implementation methodology, and wide-ranging integration capabilities sealed the deal.”

Thanks to a fully automated, closed-loop medication workflow, medication errors at Bloomington Hospital have decreased by 75% overall. Rapid access to information has made diagnosis and treatment much more efficient, especially in radiology where turnaround time has declined dramatically from up to 2 days to less than 4 hours. Additionally, invoicing, inventory and supply-chain management enhancements have saved the system more than $600,000 annually and increased revenue by $15 million.

Working side by side, Bloomington staff and McKesson consultants developed clinical and financial solutions in a short amount of time. And the positive results were clearly seen already during the early stages of implementation. “The Bloomington Hospital-McKesson partnership thrives thanks to personal commitment at the highest levels of both organizations,” McMath says. “It’s a commitment that remains to this day.”

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